The Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Home cares for more that 100 orphaned children with various physical and mental disabilities. The staff are very dedicated to the kids and expend an enormous amount of effort to provide a comfortable, happy living environment. They are asking for our assistance to purchase a variety of items. They need several notebooks and computers for maintaining medical records and logging results of therapy sessions for the kids. Their budget for electricity is always stretched thin and often corridors and offices work with only ambient light from the windows. They are in need of energy efficient light bulbs in order to brighten their working and living spaces. Keeping medicines and other items refrigerated is very important, so several 100 liter capacity refrigerators are needed. Additionally, at least one ultraviolet sterilization machine is very important to their daily activities. Finally, to assist with food preparation for the infants under 1 year old, they are asking for a few large water boilers and a professional quality blender.

Thanks for kind donations: Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Google, Mikhail Arkhipov, Anonymous, Anonymous, Galina Krumm, Mak Wai Lun, Elizabeth Randall, Jason Takagi, Elena Levitskaya, PayPal Giving Fund, Amazon Smile, Tanya Lebedeva, Carney Reinvault & Ed Kaminsky, Peeranut Visetsuth,