Center of assistance to orphan children and professional rehabilitation of disabled persons in Uman was created in 2001 in order to provide quality education and professional training in life skills for children without parental care and persons with special needs, children who leave home and are preparing for adult life in the community. Without appropriate conditions the mentioned categories of people (youth and adults) are unable to be integrated into society, to be employed and be full citizens of their country.

In Uman live 87,850 citizens: Among them 120 orphans at Children’s home, more than 5000 disabled adults, 309 young children – special needs, 307 disabled (over 18 years). Every year the population that needs social services increases: the disabled, poor and large families, orphans and the homeless.

The purpose of the project is the improvement of opportunities for professional training and to receive professional education, life skills development, improved physical health and future employment of children deprived of parental care and people with disabilities.

 Project Document

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