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St. nicholas orphanage

Director: Sister Barbara Rybus
Physical Address:St. Nicholas Orphanage, 29 Savvy Kozhevnikova Street, Novosibirsk, Russia
Mailing Address:St. Nicholas Orphanage, PO Box 6, Novosibirsk 630033, Russia
Phone: (+7) 383.355.1076

St. Nicholas Orphanage was established in 1996 in Novosibirsk by the "Caritas" charity. It is the only Catholic orphanage in Siberia and one of the few non-state orphanages in Russia. Although St. Nicholas receives some financial help from the local authorities it still has to rely primarily on private donations. Today, St. Nicholas accommodates 40 children (boys and girls) ages 3-16. Six nuns and 28 employees work here. The director of St. Nicholas is Sister Barbara Rybus. St. Nicholas Orphanage takes great pride and has been nationally recognized for its art studio. The children of the orphanage won the Grand-Prix of the VII International Children's Art Festival in Moscow and several other awards.

More information about St. Nicholas is available on the orphanage's website.

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