About the Relief Fund
In the beginning of the year 2006 iOrphan officers have donated over $10,000 to start the Relief Fund. This is not a separate legal entity, but rather another instrument to help us better serve needy children. Based on our principles we give 100% of every donation to specific orphanage projects. We do not hold donation money and send it to the orphanages as soon as the project (or one of project stages) is funded. We love this approach as it promotes transparency, efficiency and trust. However, as we start sponsoring $10,000+ projects, the need for a reserve fund becomes apparent. Raising money for a larger project may take several months. It may take another year to implement it.

Establishing the Relief Fund has enabled us to send advances while the funds for their projects are still being raised. This promotes efficiency and improves project feedback and communication. Another important purpose of the Fund is funding and expanding on-going projects and emergencies. Essentially, this is a beginning of our own endowment. This fund will NOT be used for operating expenses. We will continue paying for all operating expenses out of our own pocket.

All individual donations (including unspecified and “where most needed”) will continue to be assigned to specific orphanage projects. You are welcome to make a contribution to the Fund by using the DONATE buttons above. Every penny of your donation and its investment return is still directly serving the orphans. Your contribution is fully tax deductible.

Thanks for kind donations: Pousada Laguna, Microsoft Giving Campaign, Craig Walker, Richard & Rebecca Soverns, Jonathan Soverns, Estate of Mona Desandro,